#03 Brumby Rancher

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The Brumby Rancher is the perfect saddle for the working cowboy and cowgirl looking for a comfortable and secure seat and a saddle that will fit the horse. The same concept of feel and function from our performance saddles is incorporated into the Brumby Rancher making it perfect for any hard working help horse and rider in the arena. The Brumby Rancher has a reinforced tree to handle any ranchers duties.
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Custom Handcrafted Saddles

Roo-hide Saddlery builds custom handcrafted saddles for the performance horse and rider. The Roo-hide saddle is designed to meet the feel and function demands of today’s professional trainers and non-pros. Whether training or showing, our saddles are designed to feel secure yet unrestricted. This is achieved by building the saddles to meet exacting standards for fit, feel and quality. Every piece of a Roo-hide saddle is hand-cut and hand-made. This means we do not have any clickers or machinery that punch out saddles. Sewing machines are our only machinery to stitch the sheepskin to the skirts, sew stirrup leathers, etc.

Custom Fitted Saddle Trees

Our top quality saddles are built around the ergonomic needs of the horse and rider. Our saddles are built with a premise based on best “feel and function”. Since the horse is the one wearing the saddle, we must make sure we maximize the horse’s potential by having the best fit possible. Since the horses are athletes we need to allow them to move like athletes by reducing or eliminating the constraints of typical saddles. In order to get the best fit possible the horses’ back must be measured, because not all horses backs were created equal. Over time, as breeders have bred for different traits in the performance animal, horse's backs have changed. By observing and continually tracking these changes since Roo-hide was launched in 1992, the collected data has spawned the innovative and necessary changes to our trees to satisfy today’s performance horse. An example of how we continue to adapt our trees to the ever-changing conformation traits of the performance horse is by creating a mirror image of the horses back to avoid creating pressure points, which would cause a sore back. We believe it is important to release the horse’s shoulder area by equalizing the contact of the saddle bars with the horse’s back, yet still allow room for the horse to be able to collect and round out their back under the saddle. As a rider, your potential is maximized by sitting deep in your saddle and up close to your horse in a natural position so you can concentrate on cutting your cow. Our trees really are the foundation to the success of our saddles.

Highest Quality Leather

We select only the highest quality cowhides. Our leather has gone through a tanning process that helps keep the soft and supple qualities of the leather in tact. It is this leather that provides the rider with a better feel for the horse and its movements. This is just like a fine pair of riding gloves that allows you to feel the horse through the reins.