Futurity Deluxe Solid Port 6 1/2"

One of the most innovative bits in the performance horse industry.
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  2015 NCHA Futurity World Champion Ed Dufurrena solves historical bitting problems with Clear Signal Equine's Futurity Bit. From the curb strap placement down to the way the metal is shaped, the bit allows pressure to only be applied to a horse when the bit is engaged. 

This allows the horse to respond faster to commands as it receives one direct clear signal. The shape of the bars allows the horse to truly hold a bit it its mouth comfortably without any movement or slippage while the horse is in a relaxed state.

*These revolutionary, patented designs are based upon extensive research into the anatomy of the horse’s mouth and how the bit is held in their mouth, designed and tested by Ed Dufurrena along with his partner Brandon Anthony.


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