Al Dunning YoYo Headsetter

Picture of Al Dunning YoYo Headsetter
Harness leather with bronze hardware, bungee cord center, sliding nylon rope with snap ends. When the headsetter is adjusted to the desired headset, the horse will feel resistance when their head raises, and will be rewarded when the head is returned to the desired level. Snaps directly to the bit.

$54.95 (USD)

Current rating is 4.33. Total votes 6.

Brain Chain

Picture of Brain Chain
The Brain Chain allows your horse to get their nose out in their natural position while he maintains his collection. Our Brain Chain are made with the same high quality skirting leather as our saddles.

$78.95 (USD)

Current rating is 3.50. Total votes 6.

DM Game-changer

Picture of DM Game-changer
The DM Game-changer is designed to help a horse with collection and drive by working off of the nose, poll, and in front of the ears. unlike a traditional tie down, a horse will not hunt for this once it is removed.

$210.00 (USD)

Current rating is 3.56. Total votes 45.

DP Sliding Tie Dowm

Picture of DP Sliding Tie Dowm
The DP Sliding Tie Down is designed to work of both the nose and the pole of the horse. It will help with collection, drive, and headset. There are set knots on the nylon cord that determine just how far the traveling nose band will go up if the horse starts rooting it's nose out. This set up is designed to go underneath the bridle.

$79.95 (USD)

Current rating is 4.75. Total votes 4.

Leather Bit Hobble

Picture of Leather Bit Hobble

$19.30 (USD)

Current rating is 0.00. Total votes 0.

Michael Brown

Picture of Michael Brown
The Michael Brown is designed to help a horse with collection along with headset without taking the horses nose away. The horse can still get its nose out there to hunt that cow or barrel, all while staying collected.

$138.00 (USD)

Current rating is 4.67. Total votes 3.

Roo Saddle Hobble Straps

Picture of Roo Saddle Hobble Straps
These hobble straps are featured on our Original Roo Saddles. Our hobbles have stainless steel hardware and large copper rivet to keep durable and long lasting.

$14.95 (USD)

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Schutz AD Ankle Hobbles

Picture of Schutz AD Ankle Hobbles

$65.00 (USD)

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Schutz Handy Hobble with Swivel

Picture of Schutz Handy Hobble with Swivel
Schultz Brothers Handy Hobble w/ Swivel. Easy-to-fasten hobble of heavy harness leather with nickel hardware. Includes stainless steel swivel.

$55.90 (USD)

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Schutz Kicking Chain

Picture of Schutz Kicking Chain
Horse controlled training aid allows immediate, self-punishment for kicking, pawing and pacing. Easy-fasten leg strap made from durable harness leather. Attach to hind leg around the pastern.

$32.30 (USD)

Current rating is 0.00. Total votes 0.

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